Re-Centering on Normal

In my last post I shared a few details about our summer so far and how it has just completely turned our lives upside down.  I am not naive enough to think that we will be able to put ourselves back together very quickly after my mother-in-law’s passing, but I do know it is important to at least try.

My Beard and I had a fun date night on Tuesday evening, one of just a few in the past couple of months.

I worked in my garden yesterday.  After weeks of neglect I had many many weeds to pull, and I had a few new plants to put in the ground, namely an azalea bush that was part of the floral arrangements at the funeral.

The girls and I actually went grocery shopping today.  Actual grocery shopping.  I don’t remember the last time I went into Sam’s club and bought things with the expectation that we would actually finish them.

All of these things helped to get us, me, back to center.

Tomorrow, though, I will be continuing my re-normalization.

Several months ago I had begun a practice of fasting one day a week on Friday.  I wasn’t always consistent, especially if there was a family event on a Friday, but since my husband works weekends, a Friday was ideal.  I may never call myself a practicing Catholic, but there are some details of that faith that have ingrained themselves into my subconscious.  Fasting on Fridays is one of them.

With the blur of home-cooked meals brought by friends, church groups, neighbors, etc., I honestly let my fasting Fridays fall to the wayside.  I had other things to focus on.

Tomorrow I will resume the practice though.


Because my fasting Friday is a constant reminder that food does not satisfy or fulfill me.  Food is not my comforter, nor is it my all.

As simple as this sounds, abstaining from food gives me the opportunity to pray more throughout the day, and I am reminded to pray each time I am hungry.  Although it doesn’t sound like the most pleasant of days, the routine of fasting on a Friday has really brought me closer to the Lord.  Through it, He has shown me how much I really depend on Him.

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