Blackberries for Madeline and Clara

I have started to do very small amounts of homeschooling with my oldest.  Not because I want to have a super smart two year old, but rather because she is smart and is already showing an interest in books.  So, really, why not?

After a bit of research I found a curriculum entitle “Before Five in a Row”, a preschool version of a homeschool curriculum called “Five in a Row”.

Genius name, I know.

The curriculum is Christian and based on popular children’s literature, both of which I love.  Rather than spending money and actually buying the curriculum this early in my little preschoolers academic endeavours, I have started to make my own units around the suggested books.

This week, I check out Blueberries for Sal from the library, and we have been painting, counting, and learning all about blueberries, bears, and other animals that hibernate.

(On a side note, if you haven’t read this book, it is very cute!)

As a field trip, I was hoping to take the girls blueberry picking, but the farm we visited had no blueberries left for the season.  We settled for blackberries.

100_2884My Madeline and her Daddy Beard were hard at work picking blackberries…

100_2893 100_2890

…while Clara and I were hard at work sampling them.

100_2894Despite the thorns, it was a pretty fun day.  Please enjoy a complimentary DP family photo:

100_2940And for a laugh:

100_2943**Please, dear readers, do not miss the blackberry that Madeline spit out just a few inches below her tongue.  I love camera timers. 🙂

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