Just Another Chore

In our house we have a rule:  the washcloth hanging on the kitchen sink is for wiping tables and counters, while the washcloth hanging on the kitchen faucet is for wiping babies.

I change both daily, so don’t get your panties.

Today I was cleaning up from lunch, and I grabbed the table/counter cloth to wipe up Clara’s high chair.  I went to the sink, rinsed out the cloth, and nearly went to wipe Clara’s face with the same cloth.

Friends, you read correctly.  I almost wiped my babies face with the same cloth I just wiped the table and highchair with.

Is this really that big of a deal?  No.

Are there people who probably use the same cloth for both messes?  Yes.

Do I judge them?  No.

Secretly? Maybe??

Just kidding.

But back to the point:

It wasn’t the cloth that I was using that stopped me in my tracks so much as my heart.

I was treating my 9 month old as just another thing to wipe up.

I find myself caught in this trap more often than I would like to admit.  When it comes to diaper changes, wiping faces, changing clothes, playing, teaching, etc., I can put my kids on my to-do list right alongside “fold laundry” and “wash dishes”.

Kids are certainly a lot of work.  Right now, a lot of the things I do for my children are physical, and so they feel like a job in and of themselves.

But I have to remind myself daily that they are much more than a job.  They are blessings.  Somehow the Lord found Beard and I suitable enough parents for these two little princesses; He has entrusted us to raise them the best way we are able.  That does include some physical daily tasks like feeding, bath time, and tucking into bed, but there is so much more to it.

Parenting includes smiles, laughter, hugs, kisses, discipline, encouragement, rewarding good behavior, comfort, reassurance.


Tomorrow I am given the opportunity to change my attitude for the better and to look at my two sweet girls as the gifts from God that they are.


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