Fall Bucket List

Readers, this may be hard to believe, but I used to truly dislike fall.  And not just because school starts again in fall.

I am one of those unfortunate many that suffer from “seasonal mood changes”.  Some people get diagnosed by their doctor and get pills.  I just know it’s coming every year, so I stock up on ideas of fun things to do to keep my spirits up.

This year on my list, besides the usual “raise two baby girls”, will be the following:


  • Go apple picking
  • Make apple sauce from said apples in my fancy shmancy food mill that is older than me
  • Go hiking with the girls100_1148
  • (The Bits on her first hiking excursion)
  • Go hiking without the girls
  • Take pictures at the “LOVE” sign in downtown Lynchburg
  • Make an apple pie
  • Make a pumpkin pie from a pumpkin
  • Make a fall wreath
  • Finish Peanut’s blanket (my nephew, so affectionately named by his dad, my brother)
  • Have at least one frisbee golf date with Ryan
  • Take Madeline to her first movie in theaters
  • Have hot beverages on the porch with the family
  • Have a hot beverage on the porch alone
  • Rake leaves and jump in them
  • Plant bulbs for spring in the front flower bed
  • Mulch, mulch, mulch
  • Take the girls trick-or-treating for the first time
  • Carve/paint pumpkins100_2128 100_1142(Top is Madeline’s 2012 pumpkin and bottom is Ryan’s pumpkin and my pumpkin from 2011.)
  • Roast seeds from pumpkins
  • Have a birthday party for Clara

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