Have you heard of Pinterest?

I’m sure you have.  It really isn’t that new.

I have a confession:  I find Pinterest irritating sometimes.

Sure, it can be fun to scroll through to look at tasty recipes, home projects, cute kid clothes, etc., but how much time do you actually waste on Pinterest?

How much time do I waste on Pinterest?

A lot.
Hours of my life.

That is sad.

Pinterest is a great idea; it is an online, completely electronic version of that binder you have full of house plans or that box of recipe cards.  But Pinterest is more than that.  For me, it is a distraction.

Looking over my Pinterest Boards this week, I realized I have hardly made any of the things I have pinned on my boards.

So today, friends, I want to share with you that I will not be pinning another Pinterest idea until I complete (or at least attempt) one project or recipe.


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