Men and Their Clothing

I have a fun secret to share with my readers, though it really isn’t much of a secret at all.
I love Goodwill. In fact, I buy at least 50% of my clothes from Goodwill, not to mention some shoes, housewares, and even once a piece of furniture. Some people donate some quality things because they simply don’t want them anymore, and I do love capitalizing on that.
I do manage to find some cute clothes for the girls at Goodwill sometimes, too. I have had some great finds in the children’s $1 bin that I am quite proud of.
What I can never find at Goodwill is normal looking clothes in my husband’s size. He is a fairly short man, so I realize his jean size isn’t super common, but I’m sure his shirt size is. Yet I only seem to find “old man” clothes at the Goodwill. Or I will find jeans and trousers with strange logos or in weird colors. I really never have luck finding things for my husband at the Goodwill.
I have brought this up to Ryan on several occasions (pretty much every time I go), and he has suggested that men are simply different about clothes than women are about clothes. Men will buy a t-shirt and wear it until it is moth-eaten, pit-stained, and simply worn out. No Goodwill is going to put it on the rack to sell.
Women, on the other hand, we change sizes more frequently, especially when in “reproduction mode”, and we change tastes with what is fashionable and as we age. We simply own more clothing and get rid of it before it has worn out.
What does this mean for my family?
The girls and I continue to shop mostly at Goodwill and other thrift or consignment stores for our clothing. As for the Beard: he gets things with coupons from Old Navy or off the 70% off clearance racks at Target.

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