Food Waste and Life

**I must preface this post by saying there are a lot of things I want to share with you all today. That means this will be one of my more “schizophrenic” posts. I apologize in advance. This is truly how my brain works.**

In an effort to really focus more and more of my day on the Lord, I have been listening to mostly Christian music while in the car or at home. When I’m not listening to Christian music the girls and I are listening to Adventures in Odyssey, a radio show from the last few decades that Madeline has grown very attached to.

Today while driving home from a busy morning (think two babies, one dog, three errands) I had Spirit FM playing. The fill-in d.j. was sharing a bit about how we can use our words to either build people up or break them down. She followed this by playing “Words” by Hawk Nelson.
I have probably heard this song a million times on this station, and although I have heard the lyrics, I have apparently never really heard and understood them before. By the time I heard the chorus: “Let my words me life. Let my words be truth. I don’t want to say a word unless it points the world back to You”; I was in tears.
I have what some people affectionately term “verbal diarrhea”; I say things without necessarily thinking about them first or considering how they may affect those who hear them.
God really used that moment, those 3 minutes of that particular song to really speak to me.
Isn’t it funny how He reaches out and speaks to everyone in ways that He knows they will listen?
He spoke to me in a song I’d heard countless times before. The Lord told me that my words have the power to speak Truth, life, and love into someone else’s heart. And if I am not doing that, I may be cutting them down, hurting them, or offending them without knowing it.
So today I prayed the refrain of Hawk Nelson’s song:
Let me words be life. Let my words be truth. I don’t want to say a word unless it points the world back to you.

Simply Being Mum

Since today is Friday, friends, I also get to share with you my food waste.
Somewhere in the back annals of my refrigerator I found a small container of watermelon that must have come home with my husband from his lunch at work. Considering it is October, I felt safe throwing said watermelon away; I’m not sure I remember the last watermelon I brought home from the grocery store.
I also had to throw away almost a quart of grapes. Last week I received a coupon from a grocery delivery service for a free half share of what they call “Local Bounty”, a collection of local fresh produce. I can’t turn down free groceries, so I signed up and picked up our free produce. We loved everything else that came in our box of goodies except the grapes. These were Niagara Slip Skin grapes. Literally, the skins slipped off the grapes as you bit into them. Definitely not my thing. Poor Clara couldn’t get one in her mouth with out squeezing the flesh right out of the skin. I wish I could have thought of something to do with these, but instead they were composted.

Oh well, better luck next week!

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