Bet You Wish You Had One of These


This little girl likes to eat. She is my daughter, after all, and the largest portion of her heritage is Italian.  I often find myself mesmerized by her engrossment and enjoyment of a simple meal of something like tonight’s spaghetti.

While studying my baby’s eating I noticed how creative she can be.  Most babies Clara’s age will double fist food, shoving it in their mouths, choking, gagging, and sometimes burning themselves.

My little girl does not.


Notice that her little stump is covered in spaghetti sauce?  Do you know why?  This little foodie rubs her stump in or on any food before she puts it in her mouth.  What, precisely, is she feeling for?  I’m not sure.  My guess is temperature, texture, and maybe stickiness.  Sometimes she will rub her stump on something and put it back down on her plate; other times, she will shove it quickly in her mouth.

I don’t have a system for this, and I have been eating on my own for at least 25 years now. This girl hasn’t yet reached her first birthday, and already she has figured out how to save her tongue and mouth some unnecessary discomfort.

100_3194Fun added bonus:  She reminds me of a cute hermit crab when she “stumps” her food before eating it.

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