Not Quite from Our Fall Bucket List…

But my big girl “ran” her first race this morning.

She was frightened by all of the commotion and other kids running around her, so I ended up carrying her across the finish line.

But that was okay by me.  Madeline ran in the Kids Run for Run 4 Their Lives.  (I ran the 5k.)  Each and every runner runs not only in honor of a trafficked woman, but their entire race fee helps to literally buy that woman’s freedom for a day, whether it be a “bar fee” in Thailand or a pimp fee in the United States.

As we were gearing up to run the 5k a woman came around writing the names of trafficked women on runners’ arms.  These are women that have somehow been touched by the Freedom 424 organization and are still in need of prayer.  On my arm she wrote “Maria”.  I don’t know who Maria is, but I know she is a woman, like me, or maybe a young girl, and I know she is in great need of freedom.  Throughout the day Madeline would ask me what was on my arm, and I would tell her again that Mommy is praying for this woman today.  She is why we ran this morning.

There are lots of things my two year old cannot understand.  She does not get why people run in packs towards a finish line with screaming family and friends.  She doesn’t know what it means to be trafficked.  She also doesn’t know what a prostitute is.  What she does know is that prayer is talking to God.  She knows we pray when we are scared and when we are thankful.  Today, I had the opportunity to teach my two year old that we can also pray for others, when they are scared, when they are in trouble, and when they are unable or unwilling to pray for themselves.


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