Fall Check In

The weather man is predicting our first frost tonight.  The weather is certainly cooling down, and we are wearing more sweaters and sweatshirts around here.  We are certainly in the thick of fall, and I love it.  I wanted to check in on my Fall Bucket List to see how we are doing at having some fun this fall:

Go apple picking 

We didn’t actually pick our own apples, but we did buy them from a local orchard.  Does that count?  We also got to guess the weight of a giganormous pumpkin for a possible prize. 🙂
Make apple sauce from said apples in my fancy shmancy food mill that is older than me

Must happen this week.  I have the apples in my possession.
Go hiking with the girls
We pretty much did this with my father-in-law a few Sundays ago.  We roamed around some local paved trails, got to see some bugs and worms, and enjoy the fall colors.
Go hiking without the girls

Not yet, but a future date. 🙂
Take pictures at the “LOVE” sign in downtown Lynchburg

We did this!  But unfortunately those pictures are on the now-dead laptop I had been using.
Make an apple pie

I have to this weekend for a fundraising for my MOPS groups.  I WILL try to post pictures.
Make a pumpkin pie from a pumpkin

Won’t happen until after we carve pumpkins this weekend.  We aren’t the kind of people to buy pumpkins in early September to carve them and let them rot.  We carve as late as possible, then I cook the pumpkins for tasty things.  
Make a fall wreath

This has not happened yet, though I did get a straw broom and some little decorative pumpkins for our porch. Does that count?
Finish Peanut’s blanket (my nephew, so affectionately named by his dad, my brother)

Working on it.  Though I got lost in the pattern and had to start again.  
Have at least one frisbee golf date with Ryan

Take Madeline to her first movie in theaters

I am waiting for something I think she might like to come to the dollar theater.  We will probably wait for Despicable Me 2.
Have hot beverages on the porch with the family

Not yet.
Have a hot beverage on the porch alone

Also, surprisingly, not yet.
Rake leaves and jump in them

I did rake leaves.  I jumped in them.  I tried to get Madeline to jump in with me.  That didn’t happen.  Oh well.  Maybe next year.
Plant bulbs for spring in the front flower bed

I did!  Nothing fancy, just some red tulips, but I was proud of myself for actually getting them in the ground.
Mulch, mulch, mulch

Does almost count?
Take the girls trick-or-treating for the first time

I think we decided that this year we will take the girls trick-or-treating at a local church event, rather than through the neighborhood.  I’m not sure Madeline’s legs could really take a stroll down a few blocks.
Carve/paint pumpkins

This weekend!!


How has your fall been?  Do you have any traditions you keep for this season?  I’d love to hear them.

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