Welcome November

November is my favorite month, and not just because my Squishy Bean was born in November.
For the record, her and I had a deal, she would need to be born in November, or else I would name her something ridiculous like Henrietta.
Girl made it with 50 minutes to spare.
But I digress.
November is the month around here when the leaves are at their peak of bright, beautiful colors. The weather is truly starting to cool off. AND people put pumpkin into everything from lattes to breakfast, and it’s perfectly acceptable.
November is also the month when I try to slow down and remind myself of my blessings. Thanksgiving is the 28th of this month, after all, and what better way to start celebrating the holiday of thankfulness by reminding myself of what I am thankful for?
I will be posting each day in November (I know, a feat for me) about what I am thankful for.
Today I am thankful for fall skies as viewed from our ridge. The girls, Bruno, and I went for a walk this evening to soak up the last moments of comfortable weather for the year. Not only have most of the trees become their vibrant shades of red, yellow and orange, but the sky has become a deeper, richer bluish gray. I am not talking about a stormy sky; I am talking about the rich color that the heavens take on when the weather gets cooler. As we walked I looked to my left to see the hills, mostly green still dotted with some sunny colored trees. To my right, the same. Up above, only deep blue sky and luxuriously fluffy clouds. I may be crazy, but the sky simply doesn’t look like this earlier in the year. Autumn was meant for daytime sky-gazing.

On another, less exciting note, I have no food waste to report for this week. Though I have about 15 lbs of free sweet potatoes that I need to start cooking up soon. Please leave sweet potato recipes in the comments if you have any. 🙂

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