75 Pounds

That, friends, is the weight of the pumpkin our family won from a local orchard.  75.5 lbs to be exact.

My husband and I both tend to have scientific minds, and can be good estimates of weights, lengths, etc.  So I really shouldn’t be surprised that we won this giant pumpkin.

But somehow getting the phone call to pick up our prize, that by the way weighs more than both of our children combine, made this whole scenario very real.

I will have to upload a picture or two that we have taken with the pumpkin, but not until I can give you all the comparison I have in mind.

You see, a lot of people asked what I would do with a 75.5 pound pumpkin.  What would I do with it?

Bake it.  Duh.

And make a ton of pumpkin puree.

I am about 1/4 of the way through the pumpkin and will have to continue my puree project tomorrow.

But for today I wanted to share that I am thankful for free food, in any shape or form.  Free pumpkin is wonderful, and so are the free sweet potatoes we received from friends who had a bumper crop this year.

We are eating a lot of orange foods around here.  At least my babies will have great eye sight with all of that beta carotene. 😉


And for yesterday:  I was thankful for my church.  We invited a neighbor to our church yesterday, and he had been nervous about being judged or looked upon differently for somethings in his past.  I love that my husband and I could honestly and whole-heartedly say that he would not be judged in our church.  And that our worship music is awesome, by the way.

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