Another First for This Domesticated Physicist

Today, friends, I am thankful for my privilege to vote.

I am so blessed to have been born in the United States of America where I, as a woman, am equal to any man in my ability to affect governmental change.  I am not hidden from public view like in some countries, I am encouraged to vote, or when old enough, encouraged to run for office.

Last year was my first presidential election, and this year I voted in my first local and gubernatorial election.

Although I was old enough to vote for the last 8 years (yes, I realize I am dating myself here), I had never been very interested in politics.  I hadn’t thought my vote truly mattered, so what was the point in visiting a polling site just to hit a few buttons?  Since being married to a man more politically passionate than myself, living in an area where it is “vogue” to be well-informed, and listening to more talk radio than my previous self would have thought appropriate, I have become more convinced that it is quite a privilege to be able to vote.  And also a duty of mine.

So today I gladly cast my ballot for several local officials, including governor.  It felt wonderful knowing the names and policies of each candidate, and to be confident in my choices.



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