Hand Me Down Kitchen Tools

Yesterday my Beard and I were busy on a date night, which obviously took precedence over blogging, so I will share my “Thankful November” post from yesterday and today:

Sometimes I get frustrated that I do not get nice new things.  It seems every time I turn around someone is getting some new boots, a new coffee maker, a new car, a new house; you name it.  And we have old things.  Boots from Goodwill, an old Keurig (with a cracked, then repaired reservoir), one 2008 car and one 1997 car with 300,000+ miles, and a house built in the mid 1970’s.  Nothing we own is really new.

Well, except our girls, but we don’t own them.  And they’re getting pretty old anyway.  😉

But as I was working on pureeing my giant pumpkin yesterday (which is almost done) I realized I have been using a 25+ year old food processor.  I use the exact food processor my mom used to puree my baby food.  How cool is that?

But that’s not my only hand me down kitchen tool.  I also have:

a 30+ year old Foley Mill from my husband’s grandma

a 40+ year old hand mixer from my aunt

and some 20+ year old pots and pans from my dad.

All of these kitchen tools tell a story.  They are tools used to feed families for years (or at least symbolically).  They are a small part of the food history of our family.  And so, although our kitchen tools may not be brand new, they are mine, and most of them used to be someone else’s.  But they certainly all work.


For today, I am thankful for the ability to nurse my babies.  The last week has been tough with Clara.  She still isn’t one to “sleep through the night”, and she is nearing her first birthday very quickly.  She likes a midnight snack sometimes, or she gets hungry very early in the morning.  It has been difficult to get enough sleep, and so I had tricked myself into thinking she would sleep better if I wasn’t offering her breastmilk.

That may be true.


I have to stop and remember that not all women can breastfeed their babies, especially for as long as I have.  And although it is taxing on my time, on my body, and on my emotions, nursing has been a wonderful experience for me with both girls.  It forms a bond that I don’t think anything else could foster between mother and child.  And so, even though I had tossed around the idea of weaning Clara early in the interest of sleep, I think I’ll hang in there just a little while longer.

After all, she and I are both reaping loads of benefits from this nursing relationship.

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