Food Waste and Thankfulness

Today I was lucky to find only three small chunks of pineapple, tucked into the back of my refrigerator, in a large pyrex that needed to be thrown away. Why was there three bite-sized pieces of pineapple left in that container? I haven’t the slightest. Three bites. Ugg.
With that gone, I have more room for my ever-growing collection of pureed pumpkin, which is up to about 5 gallons at the moment, with another gallon-sized bag of chunks left to bake and puree.
**Please do not judge how long this process takes. Turning pumpkin into pumpkin puree is labor intensive, and sometimes I just need a break!


Finally, I wanted to share what I am thankful for today: my (mostly) free education. Because Beard is employed by a local university that offers free education to any of his dependents, I am able to work on my Masters in Teaching without adding anything to our debt. We do, however have to pay a small fee (less than $200 per semester) for online fees, but that is small potatoes compared to how much a private college education can cost. That being said, I sometimes tend to complain and moan about my husband’s job because his hours are so strange, but if it wasn’t for this job, I wouldn’t be able to be in this course.
Why Masters in Teaching? First, because I already hold a bachelors degree, and I thought it would be silly to make a lateral move rather than a step up. Second, I intend to homeschool our children. Hopefully. If I find the patience for it. Learning how to teach and educational theory would be very helpful for this.
And if my girls end up going to a school outside the home, being a crazy physics teacher is a pretty awesome fall back plan if I do say so myself.

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