Some Helping Hands

It’s Wednesday, but it feels like Tuesday.  Has that ever happened to you?

This weekend has flown by, and I realized today that my side of the family will be here on Friday!  Yes, two days away.

So naturally although today I was supposed to rest, I spent much of it cooking and preparing for a special first birthday party happening on Sunday.

Today, I am thankful for help, especially from my sister-in-law and her mother-in-law.  Without question they help me get things ready for the party by making decorations, chocolate lollipops, etc. without expecting anything in return.  For this craftily challenged physicist, that kind of help can be very necessary.

And to catch up a few days:

Sunday – I was thankful for our awesome babysitting team.  We have  a couple watch our girls while we meet with our church community group.  They are not much younger than us, but have to kids.  They are wonderful with our girls and our nephew, and it’s fun to watch the babies grow more comfortable and fond of them each week.  Plus I love being confident and feeling safe with who my babies are with.

Monday – I was thankful for my awesome chef’s knife.  I had a lot of food to prep and chop that day, and my chef’s knife, a birthday present from my hubby a few years ago, is amazing.  It cuts and chops easily without me having to really put too much effort into it.

Tuesday – I was thankful for some alone time with our oldest.  Beard and I took our little Madeline out to dinner and a movie while her baby sister stayed with my sister-in-law.  I know she had been missing one-on-one time with us for quite some time, so this was a great chance to show her an extra bit of love.

Oh, and not to mention we were thankful for $0.99 kids meals at Applebee’s on Tuesdays.

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