The Wrapping is Half the Gift

There are some days that you really need a little comic relief.  Sometimes life gets you down and you feel you are overwhelmed with too much to do.  Those are the days that God sends me a little giggle somewhere.

Today, we received one of Clara’s birthday presents from my sister in the mail.  I opened the box during naptime, admired the gift, and quickly put it into the spare bedroom in hiding.

I did, though, take the box it came in and put it near the trashcan in the kitchen.  When the girls woke up they found the box.  Hilarity ensued.

(Note:  I should have taken pictures to share, but I was so wrapped up in the ridiculousness of it all I forgot.)

First, Madeline climbed into the box, telling me repeatedly, “Mommy, I climb in.”

Then I asked her if she wanted to do a puppet show with her finger puppets.

Thrilled, she leaped out of the box and toppled onto the (carpeted) floor giggling.  She returned with puppets.

Our animal finger puppets talked to each other with the usual obvious names (Mr. Mouse, Mr. Frog, etc.)

Clara chewed on some puppets to join in the fun.

Then Madeline and I decided it was time to put Bean in the box.

After several failed attempts to shut the box on her not-so-enthused sister, Madeline climbed in with Clara.

Now two babies in a box, my girls sat smiling at each other and giggling.

A good 20 minutes after they had woken up from their nap, my girls had amused themselves with a cardboard box.


Needless to say, today I am thankful for those toys that you didn’t know could be toys.

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