Happy Thanksgiving

Though we are not celebrating Thanksgiving today, I would like to extend a very happy Thanksgiving to all of you out in the blogosphere.

I realize I am quite behind on my Thankful November posts, but seriously, I have been keeping them in mind each day.  I just often forget to sit down and type them out to share with you all.

For Tuesday:

I am thankful for favorite, most enthusiastic, furry running buddy Bruno

100_2355He is much more active than this when we are outside.

Also, allow me to express my horror in the great amount of time it has been since I have taken a picture of this dog.   There needs to be a new one.

Yesterday I was thankful for our local Infant and Toddler Connection Program.  Because our Clara was born handicapped (their word, not mine) she is eligible for this early intervention program that helps to make sure she meets her developmental milestones and teaches me ways to help her along.  The girls and I were playing with some stacking cups and letter magnets yesterday, just dumping and putting things in cups, sorting them, and such.  Using several suggestions from our ITC worker, I helped Clara to hold a cup in her left elbow and put magnets into the cup with her right hand.  This was truly the first time I had seen her use her left arm for its own function, rather than just to help the right hand along.  It was amazing.

Finally, today I am thankful for the time I get to spend with my girls.  Without celebrating the holiday and with Daddy Beard at work, we didn’t have much on our agenda.  So we spent a great portion of our day giggling, tickling, reading books under blankets, and crafting.  I love both of those girls for their sweet, dynamic personalities.


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