Not Jumping Ahead of Myself

I talk about my children here often, and I feel like my readers have a good perspective on who these little girls are.

My Madeline is a very smart girl.  I have written about her ability to talk, reason, and hold conversations at levels well above her not-yet 2 1/2 years of age.

Because of this, I often find myself expecting a lot of my eldest daughter.  Afterall, if she can hold conversations with me like a 3 year old, can’t she do everything else like a 3 year old?

I keep having to return back to the fact that no, she cannot.  She is only 2.

In the last few weeks Madeline has begun wetting her bed at naptime and in the evening.  Part of bed-wetting is hereditary, and it is in our family.  There is may also be an emotional or psychological component to bed-wetting, as well.

Whatever the cause, I had found myself being short with Madeline when she came to us in the night asking for a dry sheet.  We have been working with her for about a year potty-training, and she had been doing exceptionally well for a girl as young as she is.

Now, though, I have begun to doubt whether or not she was ever potty-trained at all.  My husband assures me that, yes, she had been doing exquisitely keeping dry both in the daytime and the nighttime while wearing just undies.

This bed-wetting is a new occurrence.  A new challenge for us.

It is possible that it stems from her feelings of grief and loss from the death of her grandmother, my mother-in-law, not yet 5 months ago.  Lord knows my husband and I still miss her, so why shouldn’t our little girl?

Today, readers, I am thankful for grace.  I am thankful that although I had been hard on my little girl for a few weeks and expected her to be perfect, the Holy Spirit used prayer and some great articles to change my heart.  And I am ever so grateful that my little girl is beginning to learn how to forgive.  When I explain my wrong doing and apologize for what I have done, she tells me she loves me and gives me a hug.  What a sweet picture of love and forgiveness from such a young child.

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