I’m Baaaack

Friends I am sure you missed my regular posts here.

I have been busy, you know, being educated.

I am a professional procrastinator, so the end of every semester looks a bit like this:

Breathe a sigh of relief that school is over in [2 or 3] weeks.

Look at assigned reading.

Realize that I have not kept up with assigned reading.

Realize paper due in [2 or 3] weeks is heavily based on assigned reading.

Have a cow.

Spend the next few weeks reading a ridiculous amount of chapters in textbooks to complete said paper before the Friday at 11:59 pm deadline.

This semester I had 1 hour and 7 minutes to spare.  I was quite proud of that. 🙂

Aside from that, it has been a fairly eventful week around here.

We had one sick 2 year old, who was put on amoxicillin for an infection, only to find out 9 days into the course of antibiotics that she was having a reaction.  Not necessarily an *allergic* reaction (so her pediatrician says), but a nasty rash nonetheless.

Have you ever experienced an itchy, miserable two-year-old?

It is one of the most pathetic, yet mildly humorous things on earth.

Stick with me.  I’m not saddistic, and I don’t enjoy my children’s pain.

But someone who is moaning because they are itchy can be pretty funny, especially when they haven’t quite figured out what to do to relief the sensation (scratch).  Fortunately we had plenty of children’s antihistamine on hand to keep her reaction tolerable.

Our favorite little Squisher has gotten two of her four molars in the last two weeks, and she is working on the other two this week.

Christmas presents have been bought.  A tree has been put up.  Lights have been put on our front porch.

Life has gone on, even though my blog doesn’t reflect as much.

Tune in next week for a winter (*not Christmas*) bucket list and a review of my fall bucket list.

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