Simple Wrapping

IMG_20131220_214748I am not one of those super crafty people you find out there in the blogosphere.

You know those moms that make their kids’ clothes and sew little dolls for their daughters and build tree houses for their sons?

I am so not one of them.

We color, we do play-doh, and I’m pretty sure Madeline’s skills are nearing my own far too quickly.

So of course when it comes time to wrap Christmas gifts I used to get very nervous.  My wrapping and decorating never tend to look as nice as that of other people.  We have some very crafty and naturally gifted “stylists” in the family, and I used to feel my gifts paled in comparison.

Until I discovered the real secret for myself:


This is my second year where I buy one kind of wrapping paper in a solid color, and I buy one adornment for the gifts.

Last year I wrapped gifts in brown paper and twine (a very country look), and this year I bought red paper and some lace ribbon.  The look is simple, but I think very pretty.

Certainly not over the top.

I’ll admit the lace ribbon was a bit pricey (about $1/yd), but I made up for it in wrapping paper.  One roll of my paper (which more than wrapped all my gifts this year) was $0.99 at IKEA.

Pretty and a good bargain.  Who can beat that?


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