Meet Hans – Our Version of Elf on a Shelf

I am one of those moms who always looks for a deal.  I constantly hear myself saying, “I could find that cheaper somewhere else” or “I could make that myself”.  It’s terrifying, really.  I sound like my own mother, who wouldn’t be caught dead paying full price for anything.

That being said, I have wanted to do “Elf on the Shelf” with my kids before we even had kids.  I love the idea of the kids waking up to a cute, slightly mischievous elf doing funny things around the house.  I had looked up how much one of these dolls cost, and I found them to be albeit not outrageous, but slightly more than I wanted to spend on something so enter this guy:

IMG_20131221_225142Meet Hans, the IKEA elf visiting us all the way from Sweden.  For $4.

We started December 1, and Hans has done everything from blow bubbles, make pancakes, brush his teeth, hang from the ceiling fan, and drink maple syrup.   I love that Madeline wakes up asking “Where’s Hans? What’s Hans doing?”  It’s really been a fun, low-key experience this year.

Anyone out there done elf on the shelf?  What have you done with the elf and how have your kids liked it?


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