Christmas Toys and Food Waste

Since we just came back from an almost week and a half trip, we didn’t have much to throw away.

Except, of course, for one serving of leftover beef stew that I made approximately two weeks ago.
With that in the trash, our fridge looks pretty bare.
I ran to the store yesterday morning to grab milk, bananas, and something green. To my delight, I found our local Food Lion was having a sale on collard greens. They were $0.25/bunch. Now, I may not be a native southerner, but I can cook any green in some olive oil and garlic and call it tasty.


Since the Beardly One is back at work already, I have been tackling the task of putting our clothes, toys, and other luggage away from our trip. I’ve done approximately 5,000 loads of laundry, and I am worried there may be no room left for the children once we put all of their new toys away.
Fear not, some old ones will just
have to be donated. 😉
The girls have been great about occupying themselves. Madeline was enjoying one of my favorite toys that she got: some classic wooden blocks.
I just loved watching her carefully place blocks on top and adjust each one so it wouldn’t fall over. She’s my budding architect, for sure.

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