My Little Late Bloomer

It’s been over a month since our little Clara Bean has had her first birthday, and her first steps don’t seem to be anywhere on the horizon.

I had thought for certain she would walk before her sister did (12 months, 1 week).  Clara is much more daring than Madeline, and she has quite a defiant (but cute) spunk to her.  She is my little thrill-seeking girl.  You can’t push her high enough on the swings.  She loves to go up and down stairs.  She giggles with delight when her daddy tosses her into the air.

But our future roller coaster enthusiast still has yet to stand on her own.  I’m convinced she can.  That girl has her momma’s strong legs.

She’ll be a runner, someday.

For months we waited for her to stand and take steps, but that day has yet to come.

But then I realize, this may be her newest defiance.  Just like when we ask her to sit in her high chair and she grins at us, shaking her head and saying, “no”.  Clara may not want to walk because this momma wants her to walk.

Of course, I want her to walk so she can be mobile outside and so she can enjoy running around with her greatest playmate, her sister.

Perhaps it’s time for me to give that little squish a break.  She will walk when she is ready, afterall, even if she waits until the day she turns 18 months.

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