We All Have Those Days

For those of my readers that are or have been stay-at-home parents, you will probably understand this post.  For those of you with no experience in the realm, I expressly ask you not to judge what you are about to read.  For you cannot know what you don’t know.

Or something less philosophical.

I have been home now for almost two years.

For almost two years I have not gone out to earn a paycheck, and for almost two years it has been my job to maintain my home, feed my family, clean, shop for groceries, etc.

It has been a good two years, but there certainly have been some trying days.

In the days “BC” (Before Clara) I often found myself bored.  Madeline had been a two-nap-a-day girl until almost 20 months old, so I had almost four hours during the day to myself. There really are only so many chores you can find to do that won’t wake your sleeping toddler, I assure you.

That ample time actually spurred on this blog.  I have always loved to write, since I was in elementary school, and I thought a blog would be a great thing to put my time and effort into.

Well a few short months later I found myself pregnant.  Again.  And exhausted.  I slept every time Madeline slept, and it literally still wasn’t enough.  I was so tired and nauseous in my first trimester with Clara that I had a hard time keeping up with my small household.  That Bean was a handful from the start!

(Side Note:  I know some cheerful moms will say that they gain their energy back in the second trimester.  This is lies lies lies.  You may gain some energy back, but not all of it.  All of life goes in slow motion when one is pregnant.  Unless you’re Super Mom, in which case, please don’t brag.  It’s not nice.)

Once the little Bean was born there was some adjusting time.   Adjusting to two babies, adjusting to carrying a newborn around all day while playing with a toddler.  Adjusting to not sleeping through the night.  For almost a year.

That’s real life for you.

But today, I realized, that the familiar patterns have settled in again:

Clara is a solid two-nap-a-day kind of girl (after much work and sleep training), and Madeline still loves her afternoon nap.  I won’t say yet that I find myself bored, but I certainly am not overwhelmed with everything I have to do.

Tonight I closed out my kitchen (and my workday) at a decent hour:  8pm.  I scoured my sink, swept my floor, and cleared off the junk from the kitchen table.

It’s days like today that I feel like I am really getting the hang of this job.  This homemaker, stay-at-home-mom business.

I know I need these days every once in a while, as a little self-esteem boost, and as a rest. I need these days just so I know that I have been equipped to do this in the best way I know how.

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