“Yes, I Can!”

Surprisingly I am not quoting Eddie Murphy from the Nutty Professor.

This is my sweet oldest daughter’s new conditioned response to when I ask her to do something.

I.  Love.  It.

I am not sure where she picked up that sentence, because I certainly didn’t teach it to her, and my husband has said it wasn’t him either.  But we definitely both appreciate it.

A few weeks ago if I asked Madeline to put away her toys her conditioned response was, “I’m too busy.”

You are probably asking yourself the same question I had been:  too busy with what?  I’m not sure.

Fortunately that response has changed to “Yes, I can!”  with all of the enthusiasm and gusto of someone who truly wants to help.

This change in her attitude has made me rethink my own attitude toward chores, responsibilities, and things people ask of me.  Am I responding with enthusiasm?  Do I look excited to get my work done and to help others?  I’m not sure I do, but little Madeline has inspired me to take a look at my heart and how I respond to responsibility.

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