Quick (and CHEAP!) Decorating


This nifty wooden shelf came from my dad’s house; he had no use for it anymore.  I have made it my very own “mantle”.

I wish we had a fireplace mantle to decorate for holidays, but since I don’t, this little shelf, which hangs behind our couch, satisfies this desire.

What you see in this picture are my decorations for Valentine’s Day:

My heart garland is made of paint samples, which were collected for FREE from Lowe’s, then cut into hearts and taped to some string.

The arrows are barbecue skewers (which I already had) with newspaper cut and taped to make the points and ends.

The two candles I bought last year around February 16 for less than $1/each, and the wooden letters were $1/each at A.C. Moore’s.  I painted them with paint I had in the house.

The lantern was bought at a yardsale this summer for $3.

The picture frame was a gift for my husband for his work desk before we found out he didn’t have a desk of his own.  It was only $4.96 from Walmart right before Christmas.

The giant letter “K” was my splurge on that shelf.  It cost $7.99 from TJ Maxx.  I got it sometime last year because I was obsessed with finding a large letter.

So everything you see on that shelf cost me just under $22, and most of it isn’t really Valentine’s Day specific.  The DIY items (the arrows, the garland, and the letters) took me less than 30 minutes to make.

Why do I share this with you?

Because I used to be paralyzed by a fear of not being able to make my home nice.  I thought I didn’t have the money, time, talent, or experience to do the pretty things I saw other women do.

Then I realized, I was wasting so much time wallowing in my self-pity, that I really did have the time to do something nice.

And still some time to spare to enjoy the decorations with my hunny.  😉

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