Another Book Review and A Clean Fridge

I have another neat book to share with you guys:

100_3534[1]First, as a fun aside, let me tell you that I have been super blessed.  My oldest sister works for Zondervan, and it is through her that I am able to share these preschool-age appropriate Christian books with my girls and with my readers.

My Bedtime Story Bible is set up similarly to many other preschool bibles in that the stories follow the same order as they are find in a traditional bible.  What sets this book apart?  It is actually filled with bedtime stories based on different parts of the bible.  We have just started to go through this book, as I am only reading one story each night.  Last night we read about Adam and Eve spending the evening hours walking through the garden of Eden and talking with God.

100_3535[1]At the end of each chapter there is this little “Tuck in” box, with something for you to help your child think about or imagine about God.

I’ll admit, this is a really cute idea, but I do think it is still a little over Madeline’s head.  The pictures are big and colorful, but there are a few paragraphs on each page, which can be overwhelming to my 2 1/2 year old.  She does sit and listen to it, but I’m not sure how much of it she is actually understanding.

Tonight we read about Noah refilling the animals’ feeding troughs on the ark and being gentling rocked to sleep by the swaying of water.  This chapter went over better, I thought, because pictures of animals always go over well with both girls.

The book isn’t very big, and has only highlights of the bible narrative.  It is geared for preschoolers, but I would say older preschoolers.  Maybe children ages 4 or so would really enjoy it.  And I would also add that it’s a great supplemental book to any teaching your are doing.  We have a few more thorough preschool and toddler bibles that detail more events in bible, but don’t have quite the same flair as this cute little book.


And in food waste news today,   I have no food waste to report!  I was pretty excited considering that earlier this week I bought two gallons of milk!  One of them became yogurt, of course.  I did, however, find a baby doll’s bottle in the fridge.  Apparently baby doll didn’t finish her milk, and someone was thoughtful enough to keep it cool for her for another time.





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