The 50 Degree Snow Day


Yes, we had one of those.  Welcome to Central Virginia.

Last week we got about a foot and a half of snow in less than two days, which for this part of the country is astounding.  Cities and towns just do not have the capability to deal with this much snow in a reasonable amount of time, and most businesses are forced to shut down for a few days until either the snow plows catch up with the work or the snow melts.

The snow usually melts first.

Why?  Because after it snows here it usually warms up quickly.

Our big snow hit Wednesday and continued through Thursday.  These are some highlights from Friday late afternoon.

Temperature:  53 degrees F.
photo 1

When Target is fresh out of sleds, Daddy Beard can always use his ingenuity to help the girls have some fun.
photo 2

Of course, Madeline desperately wants to pull Clara around the same way her daddy pulled her around.  I’m sure that to her, she is so much bigger than her sister, but from the adult end, the scenario is pretty 3And finally, my favorite snow playmates, along with my pathetic too-wet snowman.  Yes, those are Goldfish for eyes.  Who has coal in the house anymore anyway?

How have you been enjoying the winter weather?


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