True Colors

I am not a neat person.  My home is neat because I mean it to be.

I am not one to be tidy all the time, but by focusing and putting effort into it, I get results.

I am not an artsy person.  I do not draw, paint, or create very much from within myself.  I have always thought of myself as an analytic.  I do tend to think through problems in my head and make “pro-con” lists naturally.

But did I believe there was a creative bone in my body?

Not so much.

It has become more and more evident to me, though, that my creativity does not lie in things that I can look at, nor is it really harnessed in the things I write (such as this blog), but it is found in the things I can taste.

Several weeks ago I made a batch of butternut squash soup that my husband loved.  He asked what I did differently with that particular batch, but I couldn’t tell him.  I muttered something about experimenting and testing new things out, but I truly couldn’t tell him what exactly went into that pot to make the flavors I made.

When I cook I am in my zone, so to speak.  I start with some aromatics, I smell my herbs and spices to find what suits my palette at  the moment and what would go best with the ingredients I have on hand.  I saute, I deglaze, I roast, and I sear.  All of these bring out different nuances of flavor that I know can be harnessed in different ways.

Today at a local MOPS meeting I brought some mini-quiche.  I didn’t really have a recipe in mind, but I knew I had some vegetables and plenty of different kinds of cheese on hand.  I ended up with pepper, onion, and mushroom quiches with romano cheese “crusts”.

When a friend asked for the recipe I gave her the same goofy look that I gave my husband several weeks ago.  I had no recipe.  Could I probably tell her what was in those mini-quiches?  Yes.  Was I positive of the exact amounts of everything?  Not a bit.

I share this bit of insight into my life to have to take a look at your own.  You may not be artistically creative, but we are all created in His image.  We are all creative.  How are you creative?


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