An Awesome Opportunity

How long does it take you to read a blog post or to read your e-mail?  10 minutes?  30 minutes?  In that short amount of time between 1200 and 2400 children are sold into slavery around the world.

Until only a few short years ago I had no idea about the extent and severity of human trafficking in our world.  It is estimated that there are 27 million slaves world-wide, 80% of which are women, and their average age is 12 years old.

At that point we don’t really call them women.  We call them girls.

Millions of girls, like your daughter or granddaughter or neighbor or friend, are sold into an industry that uses and abuses them.

I will never forget the moment I first heard about human trafficking in detail.  Our church supports an annual race locally for an organization called Freedom 424 that was founded to help save slaves worldwide, namely humans trafficked in the sex industry.  As I watched the video in church detailing why they would hold this race this year and where the funds would go, chills shot down my spine and I couldn’t hold back tears.  I knew then I was being prepared to take more action in this industry.

Each year I ran in the race and recruited others to run with me.  It’s entrance fee of $24 went (in its entirety) to help buy a prostitute a night of freedom to feel loved, be with other women, and to hear the message of the Gospel in a safe setting.  In fact, the $24 fee originated because that was the amount of money one could use to purchase a woman in a Thailand bar for a night.  That woman’s freedom, then, could be purchase for $24.  Hence, Freedom 424.

This December I will be travelling with a small group of other women from my church to Bangkok, Thailand.  I will be one of a few women equipped with money sent by individuals all over the country to give prostitutes freedom for an evening.  I will be in a team of women showing love to women that are only seen as objects.  I will be talking with (with a translator of course) and learning about women who are often not given an extra word.

I am thrilled to be given this opportunity.  I ask for prayers in my preparation for the trip, including fundraising.

I also encourage you, if you don’t know much about the issue to visit the Freedom 424 website to learn more.

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