I So Want to Blog Today

So I am.

Despite the fact that my girls alternated naps today.

I know, I’m fortunate they nap at all.

But seriously, this spoiled momma is used to girls that nap at the same time so I can get things put away, chores done, etc.

Why do I want to blog today, though?  Despite my aching back from the hours of baby juggling?

Because my big girl, Madeline, prayers for our neighbor girl everyday.


After breakfast we read a short kids’ bible story, do a memory verse, then we pray.  And everyday we ask Madeline what she wants to pray about.

And everyday she prays that she will get to play with the girl next door.

It’s super sweet, honestly.

Our neighbor girl isn’t always home; she splits her time between her parents, so Madeline only gets to see her when she is staying with her daddy.

It must feel like a gamble to her.  When is her playmate going to be available to play??

God answered my baby’s prayer today, and it was awesome.  She got to play with our neighbor girl for most of the day.  My baby went to bed that tired kind of happy when you’ve had hours to play with a great friend.

And this momma is that happy kind of tired from chasing after an almost 3 year old playing with her friend.

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