The Summer of a Not-So-Recently Domesticated Physicist

I used to work.  I feel like I have to justify myself to everyone I meet by letting them know this small tidbit of information.  Before I had babies I was an intelligent person with a college degree, working for the government, bringing home the bacon.

Well, more than likely ice cream and cereal, but occasionally bacon.

When I *first* got to stay home with Madeline (she was already about 9 months old), I still had my “working mom” brain on.  I convinced myself I could do everything, all the time.  I’m pretty sure I told my husband that he wouldn’t ever have to worry about helping with household chores again.


As if taking care of a human being isn’t an actual job.

Now I have two not-that-little human beings to take care of, and boy can they keep me busy.  I’ve settled in a bit better to my “new job” (which is of course being a SAHM).  The girls and I have busy days, and sometimes we have lazy days.  I’m learning that that’s okay.

We visit family with my husband sometimes, but most often, we visit them while he’s working.  Because we have way too much family to visit, and he has not nearly enough vacation time to satisfy all of the visiting we have to do.

You are probably all wondering when I am going to mention the fact that I literally fell off the face of this planet a few months ago.  Fear not, readers.  I am well aware that it happened.

At first, I could blame my disappearance on schoolwork.  When I’m taking online classes I spend a lot of my free time (and brain power) reading, writing, and taking quizzes.  My blog seriously gets tossed aside.

Sorry, guys.

But my summer term ended the first week of July.  Woops.

Since then, we have actually traveled twice to see each of my parents, and I had the girls solo on that latest and longer trip.  So, no, I haven’t had schoolwork to work on, but seriously, readers.  I’ve been catching up on sleep.

But I did miss blogging.  And I missed my readers.

Just by the way, you know you’ve taken a ridiculously long blogging hiatus when you have over 250 comments to look through, and the majority of them are spam and track backs.

The joys of being a low-tier blogger.

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