A is for Apple

Madeline has been asking about the alphabet lately, so we’ve been doing all sorts of little haphazardly put together activities to learn letters.  Fortunately, she is a girl who is easy to please.

Take today.  We made letters out of Play-Doh:

photo (8)Then we matched them up with some magnetic letters we have.

Finally, we decided to make Play-Doh food that began with each letter.  Let me tell you, that was hard.

A is for apple, b is for broccoli, c is for cheese.  Yea yea yea.  But k?  K is for kalberwurst, because my girls are almost half Swiss.  V is for veal parmigiana, because they are about half Italian, too.  And that blob sitting on top of the n, that’s a Nilla wafer.

I am not the craftiest person in the world, nor do I have the best original ideas.  Fortunately, it just takes some basic tools (i.e. Play-Doh) and a knowledge of the alphabet to have fun teaching the girls their letters.


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