Be Serious: Making Staying at Home a Real Job

WARNING:  This is not a blog series about making money from home.

Staying home with your children and taking care of your home is a real job.

Don’t believe me?

This week I will be posting ways that I have learned (mostly from other bloggers and more experienced moms) how to take my life as a stay-at-home mom more seriously.

Because after all, we do have an important job.  We are caring for, teaching, loving, feeding, kissing boo boos, singing to, reading to, and correcting our own children who will themselves grow up to be adults.  How we treat our job as a stay-at-home mom directly affects our children’s childhood, their development, and their life as an adult.

I am not saying that all problems, great and small, can be fixed by changing something about the way you treat your children.  Children are humans with their own will and are influenced by other things.

What I am saying, though, is that while our children are at home, we have a great influence over them, and if we take this seriously, we can have a greater impact on their lives, as well as a better marriage and a happier home.

Join me the rest of this week for a series about how to take staying at home seriously and treating it like it’s your job.

Because it is.

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