Be Serious: Fun


I can’t believe I just typed that.

Let’s all just take a moment for the silliness that is that title.

Take fun serious.

Plan fun.


Life can really suck you in.  With meetings, appointments, housework, caring for kids, and everything else, it can be hard to find the time to do something fun.  So I schedule in fun.

What kind of fun?

Date night, for example.  That’s fun for me.  And for my husband (I hope! haha).  And for my girls.  We get a date night every other week, and my sister-in-law watches the girls.  They get to hang out with their aunt, uncle, and cousin while my husband and I can spend some time alone.  It’s really a win-win situation.

But it wouldn’t happen regularly if it wasn’t scheduled.

Another piece of scheduled fun is a sane moment.

Oh a sane moment.

This is a glorious amount of time during which either my husband or I can be alone or with friends.  Without spouse or children.  My husband and I have found these are literally crucial to our sanity.  With a toddler and a preschooler, it can feel like someone is always demanding something or asking something of you.  Having a couple of hours a week without those demands can be lovely.  My husband often hangs out with friends for his sane moments, and I have been known to sit in Panera Bread drinking coffee and writing for hours.  We try to make these happen every week.  Sometimes it isn’t possible, but it’s a good goal to reach for.  Having even just 2-3 hours a week outside the home for each of us to be real adults can be so refreshing.

One last example of scheduled fun is girls’ movie night and toenails.

Another weird sounding night.  Sheesh.  I need to come up with better names.

Girls’ pampering movie night?

Yes, that sounds better.

On Saturday afternoons, once the girls get up from their nap, I have them pick a movie they’d like to watch.  We watch the movie, have copious (healthy-ish) snacks, and paint our toenails.  My husband works late on Saturdays, so this gives the girls and I some fun time together.  We usually have snacks first (popcorn, fruit, cheese, anything that isn’t too crumbly or crumby or messy), then I’ll have the girls sit on the floor on a blanket.  Madeline sits well for me to paint her toes and fingernails.  Clara is still working on it.  But the experience is fun nonetheless.  The girls love having “pretty toes”, and it’s a real treat to watch a movie.

I choose not to let my Saturdays get bogged down with projects and housework.  Instead I spend time enjoying and pampering my daughters.  And re-watching my favorite Disney films.  😉

Do you schedule fun into your week?  If so, how? And what kind of fun?


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