Not Everyone’s Favorite Teacher

I found out last week that my history teacher from high school lost a long battle with cancer. Another teacher asked former students to write a bit about her in order to put something together for her sons to know about her work and life as a high school history teacher. I wanted to share with you all what I wrote about her:
We were all warned about Dr Spiller’s class. Our predecessors told us her
class would be difficult and that we would be doing hours of homework for
her class every night.
The funny thing was, everything we had been warned about Dr Spiller’s class
turned out to be true. Her AP U.S. History II clad was challenging and
thought provoking, and many of us spent more time on homework for Dr
Spiller’s class than any other.
Looking back, I don’t remember my experience in her class negatively,
though. Instead, I remember her enthusiasm and dedication. I remember a
teacher so committed to giving her students a taste of college academia
while expectin them to live up to their full potential. Dr Spiller cared
about us in a way that not many do: she did not care about being every
student’a favorite teacher. Instead, she cared about showing every student
how much they could accomplish when they pushed themselves.
Dr Spilker was an asset to the high school and will be sorely missed. She
was essential to producing diligent, driven students who would succeed in
college and beyond.
RIP Dr Spiller. The students in heaven will love History Jeopardy!

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