Eat That Frog

Have you ever heard that saying? It basically means to tackle the job you dread the most first so the rest if your day goes more smoothly and you feel accomplished.
I have been keeping a list of things I want to do before we “shut up” the house for winter, and near the top if that list was resealing the bathtub.
I had literally put this job off as long as I could:



So this morning I decided not to put off the job any longer.
With a trusty box cutter I removed all of the old grout, scraping as much as possible from the tub and tile:

I had lots of little pieces of sealant all over the floor. Precisely a job little hands could help with:


No, Clara, that’s not cheese!
Oh well. Moving along.
Then I filled the bathtub and used a caulking gun to shoot sealant along the gap between the tile and the tub. I used my favorite tools (my fingers) to spread, smooth out, and remove excess to get this:

I left the tub full for about four hours before draining and cleaning it.
It felt amazing to accomplish this nasty little task today, and it honestly only took about 40 minutes!

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