No Fear of Flying Here

It is amazing how the Lord prepares us for the things that He knows He has in store for us, even when we ourselves are not trusting in Him.

Seven years ago I made the decision to study abroad in England. I joined a group of 30 other women from my college at the University of Reading, just 30 minutes south of London. Most of the group flew out from an airport closer to my college, but it was more convenient and cost effective for me to fly out from an airport near my home.

Instead of flying with the large group of women, I flew away from my home country by myself. I was a young adult, fairly naïve, and had never done any extensive travelling on my own. In one day I sat in a plane by myself for almost eight hours, converted my American dollars to British pounds, caught a train from London’s Gatwick airport to Reading, then finally took a cab from Reading train station to what would be my home for the next nine months.

All while carting my clothes and other belongings for an entire school year.

I felt very much like I was on my way to Hogwarts.

After graduation, I took a job with my college that required me to do a lot of travelling on my own, both by airplane and by car, and following that I worked for a government agency who sent me to training classes all over the east coast, often on my own.

As my trip to Thailand grows nearer, I thank God for all of this travelling experience. Having travelled so much on my own has allowed me to be less and less anxious about it. I do not fear long journeys and travelling; in fact, I love them.

I will not be travelling alone to Thailand, but with the team of women from my church. I am so grateful to have these women to travel with, talk with, pray with, and journey with both in Bangkok, and to the city and back.

There are so many things I have to fear in this upcoming week. We will be walking through the streets of a strange city, in a country where English is not widely spoken, talking to women working in the sex industry in their very own workplace. I find that today I am so grateful that amongst all of the anxieties and fears I find welling up inside me, the fear of the long flight and travelling is not one of them.

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