A Few More Steps in the Right Direction

In the last several months it has been difficult for me to blog because I have felt like I have had little direction.  Though, like I explained, I had my hand in my different activities, I couldn’t see through the weeds, so to speak.  I couldn’t make out what was truly important and what was superfluous.  I couldn’t focus on my priorities as well, nor could I go after my dreams and use my skills.

Being over-committed really wasn’t working for me.

As get the new sense of freedom that comes from eliminating some general schedule and life clutter, I’m more clearly able to lay out my own priorities and to evaluate where I am pouring the majority of my energy.

My priorities list hasn’t really changed much in the last 3 or 4 years:

1.  God

2.  my husband

3.  my kids

4.  my work/serving opportunities

The problem lately had been that pesky number 4 kept trying to sneak up past numbers 3 and 2.  I found that if I let them, my work and serving opportunities could take up the majority of my time, leaving me without the time and energy to really love my husband and my children.

After having pared down a bit on the things in category number 4, then of course, putting some more energy into numbers 2 and 3, I began to realize that the things I wanted to be in my category number 4 weren’t.  I was serving and working in areas that were good and that I did find some enjoyment in, but they were not my favorites.  It’s not the things that were filling my time before that were so fulfilling, but rather the things I wish I were doing.  Things like cooking more and being creative in the kitchen, being creative with my homemade bath and body products, teaching friends how to save money in their homes by budgeting, using coupons, and making lots of foods and products at home.

My brain feels freer.  It has the space to think about these things.  I believe I am taking a step in the right direction.

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