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It has officially been one full week (and a day) since we arrived at our new home in Wisconsin.

First, let me remind you that our new home isn’t really ours at all.  We are staying with my husband’s grandparents for the time being.  Our home in Virginia still hasn’t sold, and we are not interested in paying for housing twice if we don’t have to.

We were fortunate enough that my husband started his new job this past Monday.  He hasn’t had much time to fool around out here, which I know he prefers.  Given too much time off of work or a very engaging project my husband can go a bit stir crazy.

Can’t we all.

The girls and I, on the other hand, have had plenty of time to get a feel for this new place.  Oh we have been here before, and we have slept here before.  This is different, though.  We are making this place our home, even if it is temporarily.

We have unpacked our clothes and bathroom things, putting them into dressers and closets and cupboards.  We have unpacked some of our kitchen items, adding them to the pantry here.  We have unpacked some toys and put them in places where the girls can play.  We are making this home.

I’m finding that after a week here one of the strongest urges I feel is to set some type of routine for us at home.  I have always been a lover of routines, especially with kids, because they allow me to find the time in a day or week to get done what I need to, care for the girls, spend time with my husband, and still find some time to myself.  We had routines in Virginia, and I liked them very much.  I knew what time to wake each morning to get my morning activities (exercise, quiet time, make lunch and breakfast for my husband) done before the girls woke up.  They knew what times to expect meals and naps, as well as which days to expect outings or different chores.

I find we are slowly sorting through a routine here.  Of course, the one hour time change has thrown everyone’s sleep off schedule, making it difficult for me to get enough sleep and still wake up early enough to get a few things done before the girls wake.  I still treasure that morning to myself, though.  Here, my runs are not on a road, but on beautiful rolling hills of corn alfalfa fields with views like this:

FullSizeRender (4)

We have found a new wonderful addition to our morning routine here.  After breakfast, the girls and I feed Bruno outside, then head straight to the barn behind the house to visit the baby kittens.  Most days we have stayed in the barn for 30 minutes or more, just petting, holding, and chasing the eleven kittens plus mother and father cats that make that barn their home.  
FullSizeRender (8)Madeline has taken to the kittens very well.  She bursts in each morning and grabs the nearest furry thing to her foot and gently holds it against her chest.  She lovingly pets the kittens and calls them each her favorite.  Whenever Clara and I decided it is time to move onto other activities, she asks for “six more minutes”.

Yes, specifically six.


FullSizeRender (5)Clara is a bit more stand-offish with the kittens.  She is more of a large animal lover, and has been sticking close to Bruno ever since we got here.  She will ask me to pick up a kitten to give to her, but rarely holds it for more than a minute or two.  She does enjoy watching the kittens play in the hay and wrestle around a bit.

For now, aside from meals and nap, this barn kitten visit is the most important things on our daily schedules, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world.  As we continue to settle in, I hope to add a bit more routine to our week.  I hope to create themes or routines for the days as I see them form (a day to do chores, a day to do art, a day to run errands, etc.) as I had this kind of basic structure in Virginia.  

(Aside:  This may sound overly A-type to some, but the fact that my girls knew every Monday we changed sheets and went to the library and every Thursday we would run errands, for example, meant that they weren’t surprised by these activities.  It is much easier to talk a four year old into a grocery store if she knows ahead of time it’s inevitable.)

Oh, and as for me, I hope to be better able to find the time to blog.  It is not only enjoyable but theraputic.  I love getting a day’s thoughts out of my head before bed.  As my energy levels stay up, I hope to continue more regular blogging.

Here’s to more than one post per week!



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