Our Natural Family (at this Point in the Journey, at least)

Today I’m going to kick-off a series that I have had rolling around in my head for months.  I finally decided to put it to paper, and I realized I’ll have quite a few posts and goodies to share with you guys.  I’m seriously excited about this.

I honestly cannot remember when this journey began, but for the past few years I have been working towards eliminating different man-made, chemical-laden products from our lives.  I know part of this journey, for us at least, has had to do with cost.  Many times store bought products like cleaning products, bath and beauty products, and baby care can be very costly; even generic brands can really add up if you are cleaning your home and bathing regularly!

So both in an effort to relieve some pressure on our budget and journey towards eliminating chemicals from our lives, I began to research natural things I could replace commercial products with.  I would often start on Pinterest or Google, and I would acquire the ingredients necessary to make whatever natural replacement I’d found.  Many times I wouldn’t be satisfied with the final product, but I would tweak, adjusting recipes, adding essential oils, or changing the steps in a method to get something I was satisfied with.

I’m now pleased to say that we have replaced over 20 commercial products in our lives with a natural alternative.  These replacements can be found in my cleaning repertoire, my bathroom, my purse, and our bedrooms.  I can estimate that we have saved at least $30/month on bath products alone, and another $15-$20/month on cleaning products since moving towards homemade products.  I find the ingredients I buy are often inexpensive (though some of them are definitely not), and they often last much longer than products I would buy in a store.  I’ll be posting more this week about each product I have mastered making for our family.  Stayed tuned this week!

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