The Easiest and Cheapest DIY Car Air Freshener You Will Ever Make

One of my new favorite places here in Wisconsin is the recycling center, or, as we have dubbed it, the dump.

Less than a 1/4 mile from our house is the center where the entire township brings their trash, recyclables, and things they no longer need or want.

It is this last category of items that makes the dump so exciting.  The couple that manages it sets aside what they deem usable and allow people to grab items that others have discarded.  Literally, one man’s trash becomes another man’s treasure at this place.

I have come home with something almost every week from the dump, ranging from toys, lamps, furniture, and the least of all this:

coffee filters.



The woman managing the dump suggested I put these in the bottom of my potted plants to keep soil from leaking out.  Although this is a fabulous idea, I had another thing in mind for these babies.


I poured in 1/2 cup baking soda.  Then I added 30 drops of essential oils.  IMG_0756

I made two air fresheners:  for the van I mostly drive I used a stress relief blend that my sister sent me; it has a few citrus oils and ylang ylang, and it is lovely.  For my husband’s commuter car, I made the manliest blend I could think of:  10 drops each frankincense, cedarwood, and pine needle.

I smooshed the baking soda and essential oils around a bit and tied these off with some twine.  IMG_0760

This was the quickest, easiest DIY project I think I’ve ever done!

(And it helps to keep our cars fresh!)