And I thought I was the physicist around here…




Apparently, though, my husband is the resident engineer.

Or MacGyver.


We have been in shed cleaning mode for a few weeks since the weather has been nice.  I hope to have a yard sale sometime soon to get rid of a lot of the things lurking in that shed.

One item, though, we cannot sell.  We are storing a mattress and box spring for my sister-in-law and her husband, and we had to come up with a good storage solution for it.  That thing took up too much space on the floor.

Using his noggin, this is what Ryan came up with:



Complete, of course with a rudimentary pulley system.  We have since lowered the box spring and put the mattress on top, covered in plastic, so both sit up at the ceiling.

The best part:  we can walk underneath it. 🙂

Happy Easter from Us!


I know I’m a little late on that.  I have to apologize for the blogging hiatus; we all took a trip up to New Jersey to visit my side of the family and meet our newest family members.  If I am given permission by my sister and brother I might just post pictures of their daughter and son, respectively, that were both just born in January.  Easter, by the way, was a Baby Fest, as my sister put it.

Some of us enjoyed the festivities:

100_2480Others were none too pleased with the day:


And of course, no trip would be complete without one fun anecdote:

Ryan and I were able to sneak away for a dinner out just for the two of us.  We aim to have a weekly date, and we weren’t willing to give it up for the week we were visiting family.

Especially not when there were so many willing and eager babysitters around.

Anyway, the hubs took me to what used to be my favorite Mexican restaurant, and we had a grand old time playing cards, eating burritos, and just laughing.  During our card game, I played a sly move, to which Ryan’s response was flaring his nostrils.

(I really should have photographed the nostril flaring; it’s amazing what that man can do with his nose.)

It was the most exaggerated nostril flare I had ever seen, and I called him out on it.  I asked if he was trying to suck all the oxygen out of the room.

To which my dear husband responds:

“I can’t; there are too many plants in here.”

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the Silly Beard Moment of the Week.

Fun Finger Foods for Toddlers

(I am tagging this entry as “silly Beard moment of the week”, when in fact it is awesome Beard moment of the week.  I apologize for any confusion.)

I have posted before about Bitsy Girl’s wonderful eating habits.  She really has never been a picky eater, and she has always loved the most random but nutritious foods like sweet potatoes and avocados.  Recently, though, she has grown a bit pickier about the things she puts into her body, especially things with different textures.  I know this is natural in toddlers her age; she is becoming so aware of colors, tastes, textures, and temperatures, and it only makes sense that she would prefer some over others.

Although I understand this change in her eating habits is natural, it is still a little frustrating.  Bitsy Girl has been pickier about what vegetables she will eat, and if given the choice between multiple foods, she will always pick the carbohydrate, then the meat.  Oh boy!  A meat and potatoes kind of girl.

A few weeks ago, Beard and my good friend’s husband were watching all of our children (so my friend and I could spend the day at IKEA; score!).  The two men were better at feeding preschool age children than I had expected.  It was that particular day that Beard taught our little toddling Bitsy Girl how to enjoy raw vegetables with dip!

Apparently dipping foods and eating them is very fun for young children.  Who knew?  Our daughter loves dipping baby carrots, cauliflower, cucumbers, and even some broccoli in ranch dip.  Both Beard and I eat veggies like this often, and I think that is part of the novelty for Bitsy Girl; she feels like a big girl who can dip and eat her veggies.

I know this method of serving veggies won’t necessarily work for all picky eaters, but it is worth giving a try.  So far we have only tried ranch dip, but I plan to try hummus and maybe even peanut butter (which I use to dip baby carrots in).  I could probably try other vegetables as well.

What methods do you know for getting picky eaters to eat their veggies?  Anything tried and true?

An Excellent Week For Food Waste!

Good afternoon!

This week I am so pleased to say that I have no food waste to report.  None.  Absolutely not a scrap.

The only waste we had this week in the Domesticated Physicist household was a very old container of generic Metamucil.  After having told my mom about my, um, most annoying pregnancy issue, she bequeathed me with a bottle she’d had in her cabinet.  Apparently that bottle had been there since before I graduated high school; it expired March of 2005.  Although I’m not sure how Metamucil expires, I wasn’t about to risk seven year old fiber powder.  I do like my colon, thank you very much.

Since I usually have some gross picture of inedible food, I’ll change it up this week and post a few pictures Beard took earlier this week:

This is the good old pregnancy gut.  Small, but it’s a start.  (17 weeks)

This is what my pregnancy gut will eventually look like.  Yes, I will have to make that face.  It is the only way to offset the discomforts of late pregnancy.

This was my idea.  Taking belly pictures with the Bitsy Girl, so we can chronicle how both our little people are growing in one easy photo.

And finally this picture.  My husband has figured out how to make it look as though Bitsy Girl is taking a picture of herself (classic MySpace shot).  This cracks me up, and it evidently cracks her up, too.  I love it.

Well, that’s all for now folks.  Happy Food Waste Friday!



The Great Fly Massacre of 2012

As I talked about a few days ago, yesterday we had some family and friends over for Beard’s graduation celebration.  All went well:  food was good, company was great.

As with any barbeque party, we expected people to be coming in and out of the house to use the bathroom, get drinks, etc., and with the door being open so much we expected a few uhh, unwelcome visitors to make their way into the house.  Namely, we expected Malcolm and Nadia to weasle their way inside.

If you haven’t read my “About” section I talk about how both Malcolm and Nadia (our cats) used to live inside until, after living with us almost a year and a half, they decided to stop using the litter box. Ever since then they have lived outside.  We never had them de-clawed, so we knew they could fend for themselves in the “wild” of our neighborhood.  Occasionally we are left gifts of mouse or chipmunk carcasses, but for the most part, our feline friends still feast on Purina One Cat Chow, just the same as they did inside.

Anyhoo, not to get off track.

We had expected Malcolm and Nadia to make their way inside, but we hadn’t counted on other unwelcome guests: guests of the winged variety.  By the time everyone left last night we had about 15 flies sleeping on our living room ceiling.  Disgusting, yes.  I agree.

There’s not much we could, or really wanted to do, at the time, so we waited until today to take care of them.

And folks, here you have it:  the silly Beard moment of the week.

Armed with an old school fly swatter, my sweet husband defended my honor by killing 17 flies in our kitchen this afternoon.  As a woman not so keen on flying, winged insects, this afternoon, my husband is my hero.