Starchy Waste

Today I have no picture of food waste for you, but I can promise you that I did throw out three very gross looking potatoes yesterday. I forgot to snap a photo before I tossed them into the compost. I do hate when potatoes go bad because they are extremely versatile, filling, and tasty. These weren’t very old, maybe a week, so I was bummed that they got moldy and soupy. Oh well, at least they will rot with the rest of our compost to make nutrient-rich soil for our garden next year. 🙂


On a completely unrelated note, I was noticing this morning how badly I should update a few photos on my “About” page, not the least of which being the photo of our little Bruno. Who, by the way, is not so little anymore. He has grown to be a lovable (and sizable) part of our family.
Every morning Bruno, Bitsy Girl, and I go for a long walk to get some fresh air, after which Bitsy Girl usually takes her morning nap. Bruno has taken to one as well, and I caught him mid nap today:

Such a big boy!

It feels like it has been years…

Since I’ve written a blog post.  In actuality it has only been about a week and a half.  Why the blogging hiatus, you ask?
I was serving at a church conference last week with a group of people that serve in either kids or students programming at my church.  I was leaving both Beard and the Bitsy Girl behind, so I had a lot of preparation and cleaning to do before I left, and once we got there we were serving very long days.  So I hope no one was offended by me taking a bit of a break.
I got back very late Friday night and drove out to see a friend from college on Saturday; needless to say, by the time Sunday hit I was beat.  So today I return to blogging.  I don’t have much scientific or exciting to talk about, but I will share with you a Beard Moment of the Week, since it’s been several weeks since I did one of those.
This morning I was heading out for a run, hoping I could go by myself.  When Beard is working I run with Bitsy in the jogging stroller and Bruno on the leash; it gets exhausting.
As I was about the grab my sneakers, Beard turned to me and said, “Bruno gets excited when he sees you in shorts.”  I stopped in my tracks and looked at my husband.  I thought for a minute, then realized what he actually meant.  What he meant to say was, “Bruno knows you’re going for a run when you wear those shorts, and he gets excited because he thinks he is going with you.”  But that is not what he said.  Instead, he made it sound like our sweet little puppy is a gross pervert.  And that is why, today, my Beard wins the awkward moment of the week.
Tune back in later this week for revamping an old sewing machine and some cloth diapering.

A Wednesday Kind of Miscellany

I write this type of post mirroring posts I’ve seen on The Frugal Girl


Finally after having three weeks of bare (but nicely painted!) walls in the living room I decided to map out where I want to put pictures up.  I’ve got a few from our wedding a few years ago, one of each of us with Bitsy Girl, and one of each of us from the past.  Once that is up and done, I’ll share pictures.

This past weekend I cleaned out the pantry like a mad woman, and I’m ashamed to admit that I had some spilled corn syrup on the walls and shelves in there.  (I couldn’t see it until I moved everything out of there; don’t judge.)  Of course corn syrup is a terrifying substance, but I found the best thing to remove it:  hot water.  I put the hottest water I could stand in a bucket and wet a washcloth with it and wiped the syrup off.  I found if I rubbed in circles or side to side, I just spread the sticky stuff, but rubbing in the direction of the drips really got it all off!

Tuesday I took the day off to save sweet Bruno from the pound.  It turns out a neighbor’s dog was killed by a medium-sized black dog, and of course they swore it was the pitbull mix who did it.  Funny I didn’t notice any blood on his white snout….

Today was my going away lunch at work.  It made me realize that my resignation is for real.  I have been talking and thinking about it for a long time now, but to actually be this close to it is amazing to me.  As of Friday I am no longer gainfully employed.  I’ll write a post on it sometime soon, but I’ll just say this:  it was probably the second most controversial decision I’ve ever made*.

Finally, today I pick up my sister from the train station.


That’s my Sniglets at our wedding.  Isn’t she lovely?  She’s a very cool older sister, and I’m very much looking forward to her visit.  🙂

Next adventure:  hanging pictures in the living room.

Ever Have This Happen to You?

We got our sweet puppy Bruno from friends/coworkers, and they had purchased a non-transferable immunization package for him before we decided to adopt the little woofer.  Whenever he needs his shots, these friends have to take him to the vet, otherwise we would have to pay for the same immunization package again (thus, non-transferable).  They didn’t do this purposefully, of course, but it is a bit of a hassle.

Bruno can tolerate a short car ride fairly well, but he has his limit.  I’m not sure exactly what that limit is, but I know it is definitely less than the time it takes to drive from the nearest city to our home, which is about 30 minutes.  I picked up Bruno in town this week after his latest round of shots and brought him home.  He usually sits up front with me, but this time he hung out in the back seat.  I didn’t hear him whimper or cry at all, so I thought he had been asleep.  I was very wrong.

Apparently he had gotten into the bag of dog food that I had put in the back seat (it was opened, but folded closed) and had gotten car sick.  And I didn’t hear anything.  No gagging, no heaving.  Nothing.  Needless to say I was surprised by the dog vomit that had managed to cover not only a third of my backseat but my work bag as well.  Being the wimpy girl I am, I quickly ran inside to grab Beard (affectionate term for my husband) and ask him to clean the chunky stuff out.  I really don’t have the stomach for that.

For those of you that have ever had a child or animal vomit in your car or on any upholstered piece of furniture, you know that the smell is very difficult to get rid of.  I searched “get vomit smell out of car” on Google and found some pretty interesting ideas.  I found very simple ideas like opening your windows to air the smell out (which I personally don’t think would do much for lingering stenches) and some complicated and strange ones like cutting a dozen onions in half and laying them on paper towels in your car while leaving the heat running for an hour.  I decided to a go a more moderate (and easily homemade) route.

Here are my tools of attack for the bit of remaining stain and stench:

I’ve got distilled white vinegar, Woolite Urine Eliminator, club soda, orange cleaner (more for dust on the dashboard) and, of course, a roll of paper towels.  I set to work by spraying the affected areas with LOTS of Woolite first.  The directions say to let it sit for 5-10 minutes, so I sprayed each seat before returning to the first to blot.  I wadded paper towels and blotted up the Woolite, which picked up most, if not all of the stains, including some stains that were probably left from the previous owner.  (This particular vehicle has quite a history to it, and I’ll write a post about it in the future, but for the meantime, please just glaze over the fact that we purchased a car with stained seat upholstery.  Your non-judgmentalism is appreciated.)  I did this particular sequence twice.  Then I took the time to wipe down the dashboard, doors, and center console with the orange cleaner; that is a basic degreasing cleaner, and works well on everything except for glass.

My final step in the de-vomiting of our car was to make a mixture of the vinegar and club soda and pour it on the affected seats.  When I had read this online, it made the most sense to me.  Vinegar can be used to kill bacteria, molds, etc., and it’s strong smell can overpower and eliminate other odors.   Club soda is a housewife’s best friend; it can remove almost any stain as long as it’s fairly fresh.  And fortunately, this one was.

I mixed my vinegar and club soda in a kitchen glass and poured about half to 3/4 of a glass on each seat (I also cleaned the front seats just to see what I’d get up).  If you clicked on the link to these instructions, you’ll notice that it instructs you to leave the mixture for 1-3 hours.  Honestly, this made me nervous, but this is what the inside of our car looks like:

So I’m not totally concerned with messing up the upholstery here.

I dutifully returned 3 hours later (assuming the longer you leave the mixture the better it removes stains and odors).  I blotted this up with some ratty towels, and, to my surprise, some more stain came up, leaving almost nothing behind.  This method really worked!  And best of all, my car didn’t smell of vomit at all.  It did, of course smell a bit like vinegar, but thanks to the fact that vinegar is more volatile than water (meaning it evaporates more quickly) I should be able to leave my windows open to simply let the vinegar dry up.  (I honestly forgot to take my after picture, but I promise to follow up with one tomorrow.)  Speaking of tomorrow…

Tomorrow’s adventure:  A Grocery Staple that I Bet You Didn’t Think You Could Easily Make at Home.