No Smelly Hippies, Here

Warning:  Before you read this post I should let you all know that I have officially been bitten by the “all-natural” bug.  I recently watched a Canadian documentary called “Chemerical” which follows one family through their journey to rid their home of toxic chemicals in cleaning products and self-care products.

Why is it important that the documentary was Canadian?

Because Canadians are a silly folk.  🙂

And I love them.


Some products, you can imagine, have more potent chemicals and are more likely to damage a person’s body.

Two women very close to me (emotionally and genetically) have had lumps removed from their breasts, and one of them had researched and discovered that traditional deoderants contain many carcinogens.  She has since switched to all-natural deoderant.

But what did I do yesterday?

I made my own. 🙂


I researched a few different recipes for homemade deoderant, and settled on this one because it seemed simple.

It was!

Here are the ingredients:


1/4 cup coconut oil

1 tbsp + 1 tsp baking soda

2 tbsp cornstarch

20-25 drops essential oil (I chose lavender)

I melted the coconut oil in the microwave since I was feeling lazy:

100_2457Yay, coconut oil.  Then added the cornstarch and baking powder and stirred:

100_2458Finally I added the lavender oil and stirred that in.  I poured my deoderant into this nifty artichoke appetizer jar (you know you’re Italian when…).  Then I used that trick everyone uses to make chalkboard paint and made a shnazzy label.

100_2460Bam.  Deoderant.

Now, I thought it might be inappropriate to share a photograph of my underarms on the internet, but I will happily report that this deoderant doesn’t leave any white residue, nor does it clump or look gross at all.  It rubbed on smoothly, and didn’t rub off on my shirt.  I call that a win!