A Not So Dainty Bottom

Yesterday I talked about Squishy Girl’s poor little bottom and how I had been trying everything to get healed. You will be happy to know I took the plunge last night and put her in a cloth diaper, and this morning her skin already looked noticeably better. And, most importantly, the diapers didn’t leak. Score!

Today, though, I will be discussing a very different bottom. My own. Having a child really does something to a lady’s shape, and it isn’t pretty.
Thankfully I’m still fairly young and my body is more likely to bounce back; it did wonderfully after I had Bitsy Girl. That wasn’t without effort, though. I went for my first postpartum run two weeks after giving birth, and with Squishy Girl I had to wait a full three weeks.
Both times now I have been itching to get back on the road. This time I have even more reason to: I have a sweet new pair of kicks to try out.
My first run back this time was not as difficult as it had been after my last pregnancy, probably because it has been a comfortable 50 degrees here instead of the 90+ it tends to be in July when I had the Bits. Even so, it was still my first run in several months, and I’m sure it didn’t look pretty.
Pregnancy makes you gain some extra “maternal fat stores” and widens your hips; that doesn’t make for a graceful runner, let me tell you.
I’ll be slowly but surely trying to get myself back into shape by running and doing some light weight training to make this not so dainty bottom just a little more dainty.

It’s a girl!

Hello Readers! It has been so long since we’ve talked. I really have gotten out of the swing of blogging what with being super pregnant and having a toddler. But fear not: the Domesticated Physicist is back. Why? Because I am no longer pregnant. The child previously referred to as Numerous Dos came into this world on Friday November 30 at 2304. We call her Squishy Girl. Not because she is particularly chunky (she is only 6 lbs of newborn cuteness as opposed to Bitsy Girl’s almost 7.5 lbs). Squishy Girl has the squishiest cheeks I have ever seen on a newborn baby; observe:


I will probably post more details about her birth at a later time, but it is enough to say for now that it was much, much easier than my first labor and delivery.

Still Just a Momma of Two..

Hey there readers. I bring you some good news today: we have no food waste to report.  We have really had a good few weeks as far as good waste goes; I’m not sure if that has more to do with us using better strategies or us eating more food (ok, me eating more food) as the arrival of our youngest approaches.
In other positive news: both Beard and I are tackling our Christmas list head on. Since he spends more time on the internet than I do, Beard is taking care of the online shopping. I am so grateful to him for this since I get very distracted shopping online.
I, on the other hand, have started to tackle the kids on our list at a local children’s consignment shop. I find some awesome toys and adorable clothes for great deals there! It makes our Christmas budget go further.
(Of course I made sure with the parents involved that second hand gifts are acceptable.)
But my final piece of news today is frustrating: I am still pregnant. Despite contractions and regular doses of evening primrose oil, we have no second child in our arms yet. Only two weeks and two days left!

A Citrus Flavored Waste Around Here

Today is indeed Food Waste Friday.  I haven’t kept up with these while we’ve been out of town, but now that we are back and not going anywhere for several weeks, I was excited to clean out my fridge.

I was impressed that all I had to throw away was a bag of limes.  Don’t get me wrong; this was a travesty.  I threw away 7 limes that I’d had since Bitsy Girl’s birthday party about a month and a half ago.  We had made limeade, and I guess we didn’t use the rest of the limes.  Bummer.

How did you all do?  Any waste this week?

In other news, I owe you all a “belly picture”, but I’m holding off for another few days.  I’m one of the lucky people that get cold sores from stress, and apparently our drive down to Georgia was just stressful enough to bring one on.  And really, a cold sore would distract you from the grand belly that I am beginning to grow finally.



Feels Like This is Going to Be Another Hairy Baby

When I was pregnant with Bitsy Girl I suffered a lot of heartburn.  A lot.  Nearly all day, everyday for almost the last 20 weeks.  Believe me that isn’t very pleasant, but I’ll take it over morning sickness any day.

A lot of older folks kept telling me that if I had heartburn, my baby would be born with hair.  Of course they also said that I could induce early labor by walking too much and that I was carrying my daughter “like a boy”, so I had little faith in a lot of these “nuggets of wisdom” I received from the older generation.

Well, when Bitsy Girl was born, she was a fairly hairy baby.  She had thick, dark hair down her back with hairy arms and legs and a furry patch on her back to match.  Thankfully she didn’t have a hairy face.

(I am aware that she may read this in the future.  It’s ok; you were still the most adorable baby I’d ever seen.)

Having a baby with a lot of hair didn’t surprise me much.  Both Beard and I have full heads of thick, dark, curly hair, so I expected at least something on this little girl’s head.  I still didn’t quite believe, though, in that old wives’ tale about heartburn.

Until recently, of course.

As it turns out, Johns Hopkins University conducted a study to determine whether or not there was a correlation between heartburn during pregnancy and infants born with hair.

The study included 64 pregnant women (I know, not a lot) that were asked to rank the severity of their heartburn throughout their pregnancy.  Photos were taken of their babies at birth, and a third party determined the approximate infant hair volume by the photos.  Although heartburn was not increased by sex of the baby, weight of the baby, nor weight of the baby or mother, there was a significant correlation between the severity of heartburn and the volume of infant hair at birth.

That is pretty crazy!  These researchers determined that women who suffered severe heartburn were much more likely to give birth to babies with a larger volume of hair, and women who suffered little to no heartburn were more likely to give birth to infants with less than average or no hair.

Although there is no definite scientific explanation for this yet, it is proposed that the same hormone that stimulates fetal follicles and promotes hair growth also relaxes the esophageal sphincter (a muscle that controls the flow of material from the esophagus to the stomach).  That means that an increase in the hormone that produces fetal hair will cause that particular muscle to relax, allowing gastric juices to flow up into the esophagus, causing heartburn.

Neat, huh?

I share all this to just say today:

Looks like this is going to be another hairy baby.  Ug.

Bring on the Tums.

Exercising for Two

In light of our country’s growing obesity problem, which has now grown to include childhood obesity, I feel it is fitting to discuss a little bit about staying fit during one of the most formative times in a child’s life: their time in the womb.

It saddens me that there are still women that believe that working out will harm their unborn child, or that they could somehow produce birth defects by getting their heart pumping and working up a good sweat.  These are old ideas, and they are simply not true.

Pregnant women can enjoy the same benefits of a regular exercise routine that non-pregnant women enjoy:  boost in energy level; weight control (while, of course still gaining at a steady rate); prevention of diabetes, hypertension, and depression; and increased stamina and muscle strength.

Of course if you have already been exercising before conceiving, it will be easier for you to continue an exercise regiment, but that is not to say you cannot start one after becoming pregnant!

There are a few things pregnant women are not advised to do:

  • contact sports like baseball, soccer, basketball, etc.
  • downhill skiing or snowboarding
  • scuba diving
  • cycling

Other than that, there are so many other exercises that are safe for pregnancy:

  • walking
  • running (if you had been a runner before conceiving)
  • yoga
  • weight lifting (less than 20 lbs.)
  • aerobics
  • swimming
  • stationary exercise machines
  • hiking
  • yes, even Tae Bo 🙂

Of course, ask your ob/gyn or midwife before starting an exercise regimen while pregnant.  They will probably give you a few warnings:  if you become dizzy, short of breath, have chest pains, abdominal pains, or have vaginal bleeding, stop exercising and see your doctor/midwife.  All of these could be signs that you are either working yourself too hard or that there is some other problem.

I would never refer to myself as a workout fanatic, but I have always loved working up a good sweat, and this information was music to my pregnant ears when I first conceived.  Exercise helped me to cope with my growing body, some aches and pains, and to control some of my pregnancy weight gain.  This time around, I am determined to stay active longer (I stopped running about 7 months into my first pregnancy because of, um, bladder issues).  I was told by my ob/gyn to listen to my body for cues that I should slow down or ease up.  This was excellent advice.  

Everybody is different, of course,but I was surprised at how much I was able to do!  I was able to continue running (a bit slower than usual, of course), doing almost all my usual yoga positions, and some light weight lifting.  If I felt any pains (not aches, but sharp pains) I would stop or slow down.  Exercising while pregnant wasn’t as scary as I had thought.

The hardest thing about exercising while pregnant isn’t finding something to do to work up a sweat or listening to your body’s cues, but staying motivated.  I am not going to lie that the whole “I’m pregnant and should be sitting around eating bon bons” mentality would kick in every once in a while.  Some of the things that have been keeping me motivated are:

  • Bruno:  if he isn’t walked twice a day he is a crazy puppy.  Enough said.
  • Labor:  I had a long labor with Bitsy Girl, and I’d like to have some more muscle strength to deal with another long labor.
  • Weight control:  if I gain 75 lbs during this pregnancy, I’ll have 75 lbs to lose after Numero Dos is born
  • Beard:  he loves frisbee golf, and it’s an excellent date night.  And unlike regular golf, it is not a good walk spoiled.  😛
  • Bitsy Girl:  I have always wanted to be a good role model for my children in the respect of taking care of my body, and pregnancy should be no exception in my mind.
  • Exercise high:  also known as “runner’s high”;  ever felt those sweet, sweet endorphins after a good hike or run?  I love that feeling!

For those of you who are pregnant (or may become pregnant in the future) I hope I’ve given you some good information on why and how to exercise for two.  

What kind of things motivate you to keep in shape during pregnancy?